YCAT Vanpool

Vanpooling can be a great option for larger groups of commuters. YCAT Vanpool provides clearly marked vans to qualifying groups of 7-15 commuters, driven by one of the vanpool members. Passengers share the cost of operating the van by paying a monthly fee to the primary driver. The fee covers gas, insurance, and vehicle maintenance costs. YCIPTA provides a $300 subsidy to vans on a first come, first served basis through our contractor Enterprise. The van must originate, terminate or travel through Yuma County to be eligible for the subsidy and be branded as YCAT Vanpool through YCIPTA's contractors.

YCAT Vanpool program will enable all residents and employees in Yuma County to save money and reduce the stress of their daily commute by starting or joining a vanpool. See Where it Takes You! And consider forming a YCAT Vanpool today! Details on how to start a YCAT Vanpool is below:

How to Get Started

  • Gather a group of at least seven people to start the vanpool or ask Enterprise to assist in recruiting riders for a new vanpool.
  • All participants should live and work near each other and have similar work hours.
  • The vanpool riders determine the exact route to work, the pick-up times, and the drop-off locations.
  • One primary driver and at least one alternate driver are required.
  • Primary drivers will go through a driving record and credit record check. Check out the driver approval criteria to see if you qualify to be a driver.
  • The monthly van lease cost is divided among the riders.

Van Features

  • There are a variety of vehicles for 7 to 15 riders. Bench or luxury seating available. Bicycle racks and wheelchair lift are available for an additional fee.
  • All vans are insured with no deductible.
  • The monthly lease cost includes insurance, maintenance, vehicle repair, 24-hour roadside assistance, taxes and registration, and customer service.
  • Vans are leased month-to-month with only a 30-day notice required to terminate a lease.

Benefits and Savings

  • Monthly fares are discounted with a YCIPTA subsidy. The subsidy is $300 per month, per van operated, paid by YCIPTA to Enterprise.
  • Many area employers offer subsidies that further reduce the monthly cost. Talk to your human resources department or manager for details.
  • Additional savings available by using pre-tax dollars – check with your employer. Additional details are available by here.
  • Primary drivers may be eligible to ride free or at reduced rates as compensation for their added responsibilities.
  • All vanpool riders are eligible for YCIPTA’s Guaranteed Ride Home program.
  • Gas cards (debit cards) are available to manage gas payments.
  • Vans can be serviced through a network of local car care centers.
  • Vanpool riders can meet at various locations in Yuma County.

YCAT Vanpool Monthly Van Lease Rates

YCIPTA Vanpool Monthly Van Lease Rates Sheet – Effective September 2013 for Enterprise

YCAT Vanpool Documents

YCAT Vanpool Brochure

YCAT Vanpool Flyer

To learn if there is a vanpool near you or to start a new one for your commute please contact Enterprise for additional details:

Enterprise: 1-800 VAN-4-WORK.

YCAT Vanpool services are provided under contract to Enterprise.

This demonstration program is funded in part by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) Section 5316 Program through the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and low program participation or lack of program funding may warrant this program’s discontinuance in one year.

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