Charter Services

Federal regulations define Charter Service as:

Transportation using buses or vans, or facilities funded under the Acts of a group of persons who pursuant to a common purpose, under a single contract, at a fixed charge (in accordance with the carrier's tariff) for the vehicle or service, have acquired the exclusive use of the vehicle or service to travel together under an itinerary either specified in advance or modified after having left the place of origin. This definition includes the incidental use of FTA funded equipment for the exclusive transportation of school students, personnel, and equipment (CFR 604.5).

A recipient of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds, YCIPTA cannot offer charter service if there is a private charter operator in the area that is willing and able to provide the type of charter service that the FTA recipient could provide.

Since the Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (YCIPTA) uses Federal funding for its transit operations and to prevent any potential for violating the FTA established rule for the provision of charter service, YCIPTA shall not provide any charter services or irregular or in-frequent service where a premium fare is charged unless the charter services are one of the following (as exempted by the FTA):

  • Government Officials (80 hours annually)
  • Qualified Human Service Organizations (QHSO) (qualified groups serving elderly, disabled, and low income)
  • Established agreement with other private operators to provide charter service using FTA funded facilities or equipment.

When YCIPTA provides charter services as listed above, YCIPTA staff shall report its operation to the FTA through its TEAM-Web and/or any other reporting database created by FTA for reporting this type of activity on a quarterly basis.

Should YCIPTA receive any requests for charter services, the request shall be referred to the nearest charter provider in Yuma County or referred to the FTA Charter Website located at: for additional information regarding where to obtain details on private charter services.

To request services from YCIPTA as long as the definition is met above, please fill out the attached Trip Request form and submit to YCIPTA.

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