ADA Complaints

Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (YCIPTA) is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in or denied the benefits of its services based on ability.

YCIPTA grants all persons equal access to all its transportation services. It is further the intent of YCIPTA, that all persons are aware of their rights to such access.

For more information

To request additional information on YCIPTA’s ADA policies, reasonable modification policy, and other anti‐discrimination obligations or if information is needed in languages other than English or to request alternative accessible formats, please contact YCIPTA’s Transit Operations Manager at:

How do I file a complaint?

If you believe that you have received discriminatory treatment by the YCIPTA on the basis of your ability, you have the right to file a complaint with the YCIPTA Transit Operations Manager. The complaint must be filed no later than 180 calendar days of the alleged discriminatory incident.

The preferred method is to file your complaint in writing using the ADA Complaint Form, and sending by US Mail to:

YCIPTA - Civil Rights
Attn: Transit Operations Manager
2715 East 14th St
Yuma, AZ 85365

By email to:

By fax to: (928) 783-0309, Attn: Transit Operations Manager

In person at: YCAT Office 2715 East 14th Street - Yuma, AZ 85365

By telephone: (928) 783-2235, extension 106, TTY/TDD users should use 711


Complaints must include the complainant(s) name, address, and phone number. The complaint must be signed by the complainant(s). For complaints submitted via email, the email address and complainant(s) name will be treated as the complainant(s) signature.

Verbal complaints will be accepted and transcribed. To make a verbal complaint, call (928) 783-2235, and select option 1. Complainant(s) will receive a copy of the transcribed complaint for verification and the complainant(s) must return a signed copy to initiate an investigation.

All complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 3 business days of the receipt of the signed complaint and the acknowledgement will include whether the complaint is to be investigated by YCIPTA or referred to external entities.

Should a complaint be filed with YCIPTA and an external entity simultaneously, the external complaint shall supersede the YCIPTA complaint and the YCIPTA’s complaint procedures will be suspended pending the external entity’s findings.


Within 10 working days of receipt of the formal complaint, the Transit Operations Manager will notify the complainant and begin an investigation (unless the complaint is filed with an external entity first or simultaneously).

The investigation may include discussion(s) of the complaint with all affected parties to determine the problem. The complainant may be represented by an attorney or other representative of his/her own choosing and may bring witnesses and present testimony and evidence in the course of the investigation.

The investigation will be conducted and completed within 60 days of the receipt of the formal complaint.

Based upon all the information received, an investigation report will be written by the Transit Operations Manager for submittal to the Transit Director and General Manager.

The complainant will receive a letter stating that final decision by the end of the 60-day time limit. Most investigations are completed within 30 days.

The complainant shall be notified of his/her right to appeal the decision.

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