Flex Route Deviations

flex-route-deviationsThe following YCAT routes provide route deviation services:

  • Blue Route 5 - Within the Fort Yuma Reservation and within a 3/4 mile radius of the route outside of the Fort Yuma Reservation.
  • Purple Route 6A- Within the North Cocopah Reservation, Cocopah RV Resort and within the West Cocopah Reservation and East Cocopah Reservation within a 3/4 mile radius on either side of the route.
  • Gold Route 8 - Entire route within 1 1/2 mile radius on either side of the route and the entire Town limits of Wellton.

Click here for details on the schedules for the above routes.

No more than four (4) total deviations per one way trip, provided that 4 deviations can be made at the discretion of dispatch or driver. ADA passengers have first priority and may bump others.

Deviations are to be reserved at least 60 minutes in advance up to seven days in advance by calling (928) 783-2235 (TDD/TTY: 711). Passengers may also ask the bus operator for deviations provided that space is available while on board the bus.

The bus will only wait two minutes before proceeding on. Passengers must be ready!

A passenger may only request up to two (2) deviations, unless passengers loads are light to warrant more deviations based on the dispatcher or driver discretion. Only one (1) pick up deviation and one (1) drop off deviation.

The fare for a deviation for all passengers is $2.00 on top of the regular base fare.

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