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Feb 9 2013
catTRAX Now Available For Orange Route 2

catTRAX is now available on Orange Route 2/2A! Visit to see where Orange Route 2 bus is in real time, call (928) 304-7537 or text 41411 "yuma (bus stop number)“. The bus stop number is available in the Bus Stop Guide, Rider’s Guide or listed below.

Bus stop numbers for Orange Route 2 using the catTRAX texting function are listed below:

Bus Stop # Street Cross Street City Direction Block
008 3rd Street Gila Street Yuma East Nearside
378 16th Street Sunridge Drive Yuma East Farside
055 16th Street Pacific Avenue Yuma County East Farside
056 16th Street Engler Avenue Yuma County East Nearside
057 16th Street Atlantic Avenue Yuma County East Nearside
059 16th Street Avenue 3E Yuma County East Nearside
060 County 10th Street Across Yuma Fun Factory Yuma County East Mid Block
061 County 10th Street View Parkway Yuma County East Farside
065 24th Street Araby Road Yuma East Farside
066 24th Street College Avenue Yuma East Nearside
067 24th Street Avenue 7 1/2E Yuma East Nearside
062 US Highway 95 Avenue 5 1/4 - Sierra Pacific Mobile Home Park Yuma County East Farside
063 US Highway 95 Avenue Del Prado - Across El Prado Estates/ near Araby Rd Yuma County East Mid Block
417 16th Street Avenue 7E Yuma County East Farside
418 AWC Loop Rd Near Parking Lot P11 Yuma East Nearside
419 AWC Loop Rd Near Parking Lot P6 Yuma South Mid Block
68 AWC, NAU, UA Parking Lot Yuma West Mid Block
098 24th Street AWC Entrance Yuma West Farside
099 24th Street Desert Mesa Elementary/ Avenue 7 1/2E Yuma West Nearside
100 24th Street Gila Ridge High/College Avenue  Yuma West Farside
317 Araby Road 24th Street Yuma South Farside
402 32nd Street Araby Road Yuma West Farside
403 32nd Street Avenue 6E Yuma West Farside
404 32nd Street Blue Diamond RV Park Yuma West Mid Block
405 32nd Street Avenue 5 1/2 E Yuma West Farside
406 32nd Street Avenue 5 Yuma West Farside
407 32nd Street Soar Avenue Yuma West Farside
408 32nd Street Avenue 4E Yuma West Farside
409 32nd Street Avenue 3 1/2 E Yuma West Farside
410 32nd Street Shortway Yuma West Farside
411 Avenue 3E 32nd Street Yuma North Farside
412 Avenue 3E Across Palo Verde St Yuma North Mid Block
413 24th Street Avenue 3E Yuma West Farside
414 24th Street Avenue 2 5/10 Yuma West Farside
415 24th Street Yuma Community Food Bank Yuma West Mid Block
416 24th Street Across Melody Lane Yuma West Mid Block
052 Pacific Avenue 24th Street Yuma North Farside
053 Pacific Avenue Gila Ridge Road Yuma North Nearside
004 16th Street Panda Express Yuma West Mid Block
377 Giss Parkway Gila Street Yuma West Farside
008 3rd Street Gila Street Yuma East Nearside

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